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If We Grow it, They Will Brew it

In the summer of 2014, under the leadership of Annette and Bruce Wiles, a team of dedicated people were brought together to focus on establishing large-scale hops production in Nebraska. After an immense amount of best practice research, conference attendance and discussions with fellow growers and processors across the country, we are excited to begin announcing our plans for the local hop industry. Our mission is to establish a well-managed hop enterprise that provides farmers with a high-value crop that returns the majority of the crop value back to the growers, and provides high quality whole leaf and pelletized hops to everyone from craft brewers to home brewers while maximizing environmental stewardship through sustainable practices. A group of startup companies based in Plattsmouth, Nebraska focused on the production and processing of hops for use in brewing beer. The companies are owned by Bruce and Annette Wiles and include:

  • Midwest Hop Producers, LLC
  • Nebraska Hop Yards, LLC
  • Midwest Hop Yard Supplies, LLC
  • The Hop Yard, LLC – Tap Room
The Team
The Team


Straight from the quality hop yards of Nebraska, we offer over 20 varieties.


We strive to offer the highest quality nitrogen flushed packing with both the commercial brewer and home brewer in mind.


Our vision is to introduce hop farming and processing as a viable business in Nebraska and throughout the Midwest.

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