Who are the owners of the companies?
Bruce and Annette Wiles

What are the plans?
Our vision is to introduce hop farming and processing as a viable business in Nebraska and the Midwest region.

We’ve established a group of startup companies based in Plattsmouth, Nebraska focused on the production and processing of hops for use in brewing beer.   The companies, include:

Midwest Hop Producers LLC

  • Provide milling, pelletizing, packaging, storage and shipping ~ 2015
  • Build Commercial Hops Production and Processing Facility ~ 2016-2017
  • Purchase a Stationary Harvester, Oast (Drying System) and Baling Equipment ~2017-2018
  • Develop one or more new hop varieties that are conducive to the Midwest growing region ~ 2016-2025

Midwest Hop Yard Supplies LLC

  • Develop a cost effective and efficient dryer for use by 1-5 acre hop producers ~ 2018
  • Source supplies and materials needed for the establishment and maintenance of the hop yard trellis system ~ 2015
  • Develop a consulting service to assist Allied Growers with hops farming, provide guidance in startup, field design/layout, ongoing production support ~ 2015

Nebraska Hop Yards LLC
Establishing Hop Yards ~ 2015-2017

  • Plant 15 acres of hops in 2015 including 22 varieties
  • Plant 10 acres of hops in 2016
  • Plant 40 acres of hops in 2017
  • Plant 40 acres of hops in 2018

Who is your market?
Target customers are established farmers looking for alternative crops and young farmers entering agriculture looking for an alternative substainable crop they can produce on a small acreage.

Additional customers are home craft brewers, local and regional craft brewers looking for locally grown hops, and international brewers looking for new sources and varieties of hops.

Why should brewers use your hops?
We want the hops to speak for themselves and are working diligently to ensure the highest standards and best practices are used from growing to packaging.

What packaging sizes are available?
We strive to offer the highest quality nitrogen flushed packing with both the commercial brewer and home brewer in mind.  Package sizes range from 1 ounce to 22 pounds.

What about shipping and delivery?
For orders, 5 lbs or less, we ship via the United States Postal Service. For larger orders, we use UPS. For volume orders, we can arrange freight and offer local delivery on a case-by-case basis.  If you’re located in Eastern Nebraska,  we can most likely deliver to your location. Contact us for more information.  Expedited shipping is available upon request.

When are hops harvested and how soon can I expect hop pellets?
Hop harvest begins with low alpha aroma varieties during mid-August and continues through late September with the higher alpha varieties. Due to the agricultural nature of hops, harvest schedules/windows vary based on yield and maturity.

Pelletizing begins during the fall, after all the hops are received and continues through the beginning of the following year.

How long will my hops stay fresh?
Hop deterioration is impacted by numerous variables, the two most important being heat exposure and oxidation. For properly sealed, nitrogen flushed pellets, customers can expect a three to four  year life expectancy. Raw hops, however, have a much shorter life span (approximately six months to one year). Regardless of the product size or packaging, hops should be stored in a cold, air tight environment to ensure optimum freshness and quality.

Where do you purchase your hops?
We purchase our hops from the finest growing hop regions in the world.  Feel free to contact us for any special requests and we can make the inquiries.

What is the difference between contract year and brewing year?
Each of our contracts is based off of the year that the hops were harvested. For example, 2018 contracts are for hops that will be harvested during the fall of 2018. Due to receiving and production, these hops are actually shipped and utilized in the brew house during calendar (or brewing) year 2019.

When will I receive my hops?
Hops must be harvested, dried, pelletized and packaged before they can be shipped or delivered.  Brewers should receive their hops in October and November.

Can you offer storage?
Contracted hops are stored at no cost for ten months after the effective date of the contract. After ten months, we charge a storage fee of $1.00 per pound each month, unless other arrangements are made.

What are Spot Hops?
Wholesale prices with retail convenience. See our current Spot hop offering under the shop page or click here.

How far in advance can I contract hops?
Hops are currently be contracted through 2021, however, this may not be the best timeline for everyone. At the minimum, we recommend that you contract two years into the future, especially for high demand varieties. The more information we have regarding your needs, the better equipped we are to communicate with our Allied Grower-owners and appropriately increase supply.

What are your hours of operation? 
Our office is open and available to answer your calls (402)296-0633 from 8am – 5pm CST, Monday through Friday. If you happen to call and no one is available to take the call, please leave us a message or send us an e-mail at info@midwesthopproducers.com.  And we’ll do our best to return your message within 24 hours.

Payment Choices?
Please note that you will have 30 days to make final payment.

Can I tour the hop yard?

Informative, fun and takes less than an hour.

Our Introduction to Hops Tours

Tour Schedule

When:                        From June 6th, 2019 through July 20th, 2019 (when we begin harvest)

Every Thursday:      6:00pm

Every Saturday:       1:30pm

Cost:                         Tours are $10 per person and last approximately 60 minutes

For those who want to learn more about growing hops and tour the hop yard. Our Introduction to Hops Tour includes a short presentation on growing hops, along with a question and answer session. We’ll take a walk through the hop yard (weather permitting) and check out the harvest and drying equipment on site. Your tour also includes a $6 voucher good for food or drink in the taproom. Tickets can be purchased in the taproom or online. We limit our tours to 15 people. Play it safe; sign up early or stop by The Hop Yard and grab a pint before the tour.

Reserved Tours

Cost:                           Tours are $15 per person with a minimum of 10 people. And last approximately 90 minutes.

Our private tour includes an overview on hops, what it takes to growing them on a commercial scale, differences in varieties, starting the NE industry, a few short videos with a question and answer session. We’ll then walk through the hop yard (weather permitting), peak inside the Greenhouses and check out the harvest and drying equipment on site. Following the tour, you’re welcome to enjoy the hop yard ambience for a while. Your tour also includes a $6 voucher good for food or drink in the taproom. Private tours can be requested by contacting us at (402)740-3995 or emailing awiles@wilesdevelopment.com. In order to properly staff your private tour, we ask that you give us at least two weeks’ advance notice.

Our “Hands-on Tours” are the best way to learn.  Call Annette to schedule a working day in the hop yard during growing and harvest season.

Where are you located?
18003 Club View Drive
Plattsmouth, NE 68048
Phone: (402) 296-0633