Brewer Connection

Brewer Connection

Brewer Connection

We work with our brewer partners to better understand the key purchasing decision factors they take into consideration when  buying “locally” grown hops.

Stable price point
Brewers are frustrated and increasingly vulnerable to volatile prices and product fluctuation of hops on the spot market. This is especially distressing to all as the craft beer category continues to grow and brewers of all scale and size compete for access to hops to meet their growing and existing market demand.

Product Quality
Making beer is a science and an art form, where many nuances can affect the final product. Hops create a signature aroma and flavor profile for a beer and are a key ingredient in any beer recipe.  The chemical makeup of hops may change from harvest to harvest depending on growing conditions and geographic region.  To meet product quality requirements, our hops will be submitted to a lab for chemical analysis and a chemical analysis is required to accompany each hop shipment.

Product Specifications
We strive to offer the highest quality nitrogen flushed packing with both the commercial brewer and home brewer in mind.  Package sizes range from 1 ounce to 22 pounds.

Personal relationships
Brewers take their craft seriously and personally. They appreciate having connections to those providing their ingredients because they know the quality of the ingredients will ultimately impact the quality of the finished product.

Environmental awareness
Craft brewers are well aware the majority of their product inputs currently originate from the Pacific-Northwest and Europe. Working together, we can help reduce their carbon foot print by growing and sourcing inputs for purchase from closer sources.

Local economic stimulation
Craft brewers also understand the incentive of local economy. Most of our craft brewers are local or regional producers whose products stay in Nebraska and the Midwest, therefore keeping their purchasing dollars local further reinforces the likelihood that their own products will be purchased.

Craft brewers often incorporate their geographic locations into their corporate identity, leveraging “a sense of place” as a distinctive attribute in their sales and marketing.  By purchasing local ingredients they can further strengthen this marketing message.