The Iowa Brewers Guild is proud to offer its first-in-the-nation Department of Labor-sanctioned apprenticeship program for training professional brewers through a combination of on-the-job-learning and online coursework. The yearlong, 2,000-hour program is comprised of both classroom and brewhouse training.

While the brewhouse experience is a paid apprenticeship, program participants will be required to pay for the online coursework offered online through the Siebel Institute of Technology‘s Master Craft Brewer Theory program (Iowa Workforce Development grants available to qualified persons). The IBG will work closely with Siebel to ensure that both the arrangement and apprentices are successful.

Upon completion of the program, apprentices will receive a Master Craft Brewer Theory certificate from the Siebel Institute of Technology as well as a Professional Brewer certificate from the Iowa Brewers Guild.

The MCBT course is slated for launch on October 1, 2016, and the IBG Apprenticeship Program will start in conjunction with that date. Applications are now being accepted.


Full qualifications are listed below (age, education, physical requirements), but applicants must pass an online assessment on brewing knowledge with a minimum score of 70% through the Siebel Institute of Technology website (after one has created an account) or have previously completed and passed Siebel’s Concise Course in Brewing Technology. The timed assessment (15 minutes) contains 50 true/false and multiple choice questions covering raw ingredients, lautering, wort production, boiling, yeast, fermentation, and packaging. The ideal candidate will likely have all-grain homebrewing experience and an intermediate-level understanding of raw materials and the brewing process.

Employment Status

IBG Apprentices are hired as employees at their Sponsor Brewery. Participating breweries with employment openings will interview and hire based on the existing pool of candidates who have passed the online assessment. Apprentices who have completed the program will remain employees following the 2,000 program. Existing brewery employees are eligible for the apprenticeship, but grant assistance through Iowa Workforce Development would not be available.

Space is limited. Applicants may be put on a waiting list until a slot for a qualified candidate becomes available. Applicants are not guaranteed placement.

Brewhouse Training

As vacancies become available, apprentices accepted into the program will work at one of several sponsoring breweries located in Iowa, where they will receive on-the-job training from experienced brewers in the following areas:

·         Beer Production

·         Sanitation/Cellar Work

·         Filtration/Transfer/Conditioning

·         Packaging

·         Quality Control

·         Promotions

Online Coursework

To add to the apprenticeship’s strength, the program utilizes online coursework via Siebel’s 210-hour Master Craft Brewer Theory course, which is comprised of six modules:

·         Malting and Raw Materials

·         Brewhouse/Wort Production

·         Yeast and Fermentation

·         Quality Assurance/Quality Control

·         Packaging

·         Engineering

Supervision of Apprentices

The Sponsor Brewery will be responsible for the training of the apprentice on the job. Apprentices will be under the general supervision of the Sponsor and under the direct supervision of the Mentor to whom they are assigned. The supervisor of apprentice(s) designated by the employer will be responsible for the apprentice’s work assignments, and will ensure the apprentice is working under the supervision of a skilled mentor, evaluation of work performance, and completion and submittal of progress reports to the Sponsor. No apprentice will be allowed to work without direct mentor supervision.

Minimum Qualifications* (apprentice)

Age: Apprentices must not be less than 21 years of age, and must provide evidence of this fact.

Education: A high school diploma or HI-SET/GED equivalency is required. Applicant must provide an official transcript(s) for high school and post-high school education and training. All HI-SET/GED records must be submitted if applicable.

Physical: Applicants will be physically capable of performing the essential functions of the apprenticeship program, with or without a reasonable accommodation, and without posing a direct threat to the health and safety of the individual or others.

Physical requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

·         Must be able to lift 55 pounds repeatedly, and be able to push, pull, lift, or carry up to 170 pounds

·         Standing on feet for long periods of time

·         Stooping, kneeling, and crawling as needed

·         Perform constant reaching, turning, and precision work

·         Being able to handle inclement climate conditions (hot, cold, wet)

·         Written and oral communication skills in loud environment

Aptitude: Applicant must pass an online assessment on brewing knowledge (intermediate-level) with a minimal score of 70% through the Siebel Institute of Technology website (after one has completed an account) or have previously completed and passed Siebel’s Concise Course in Brewing Technology.


Application Procedures

1.       Review Standards of Apprenticeship

2.       Submit Application (print, fill out, and mail to the address below, or email to

3.       Take online assessment test via the Siebel Institute of Technology website (applicants will receive instructions via email)

4.       Interview(s) with Iowa Brewers Guild and potential sponsoring brewery(ies)

5.       If accepted, enroll in Siebel’s web-based Master Craft Brewer Theory Program through the Siebel website

6.       Sign Apprenticeship Agreement and begin apprenticeship

Submit signed application to:

Iowa Brewers Guild

Attention: J. Wilson

1729 Orange Avenue

Prescott, Iowa 50859

*The Sponsor may grant credit toward the term of apprenticeship to new apprentices whom demonstrate/document previous acquisition of skills or knowledge equivalent to that which would be received under the Standards of Apprenticeship. Any records/affidavits documenting said experience should be submitted at the time of application.