Hop Processing Center under construction

Our state of the art Hops Processing Hall structure will include a Wolf 513 Hops Harvester, silo that contains a three layer kiln (Oast), conditioning boxes, baler, full milling and pelletizing line with packager, cold storage, employee offices and restrooms.  All harvesting and drying equipment is currently being manufactured by Wolf in Germany.
Details on the Hops Processing Hall:

  • Hall will be 15,599 Square Feet
  • House a Wolf Hops Harvester (WHE 513) that is capable of picking and sorting 400 to 550 bines per hour
  • Hop Silo with Kiln (Oast) will be 41’ tall and 538 Square Feet and includes 3 levels that will dry 880 lbs. of wet hop cones every 90 minutes
  • Hops Conditioning that includes 3 Automatic Conditioning Boxes to ensure the perfect cone moisture content in every batch
  • Has the capacity to harvest, dry and bale 180,000 lbs. of dry hops in 30 days
  • Includes 28,000 cubic feet of Cold Storage that will hold 235,000 lbs. of hops at the ideal temperature of 27 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Construction began in August of 2016 and will be completed for 2017 harvest

Greenhouse under construction

  • One Conley 7500 Series Greenhouse support building that is 30′ wide and 24′ long, comprising a total square footage of 720 sq. ft.
  • Two Conley 7500 Series Greenhouses that are 30′ wide x 84′ long, comprising a total square footage of over 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Main use will support hop plant propagation.