Hemp Field Day Ticket


8:00 am Continental Breakfast

  • Welcome, Agenda Review: Annette and Bruce Wiles

8:15 am Hemp in Nebraska – Grower Perspective: Annette Wiles

  • LB 657, LB 1152
  • NE Dept of Agriculture Hemp Program
  • Farm Service Agency Hemp Reporting and NAP

9:30 am University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Greenhouse and Field Research Report: Ismail Dweikat, PhD
  • Cannabis Growth, Production and Breeding Basics: Ellen Paparozzi, PhD
  • NE Extension – Hemp Production in Nebraska: Charles Wortman
  • CBD, Fiber or Grain
  • Farming Recommendations
  • Crop Production Checklist

11:00 am Doane University

  • Cannabis Science and Industries: Seeds to Need: Andrea Holmes, PhD
  • Cannabis Testing Laboratories: Arin Sutlief, PhD

12:00 Noon Lunch

1:00 pm Hemp Test Plot Tours

  • Abagail, Early Pearly, Hybrid #9, Anna Lee

2:30pm Hemp Production – From Start to Finish: Andrew Bish, Bish Enterprises

3:30pm Hemp Fiber Moving Forward John Lupien

4:15 pm Grower Panel

  • Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor, Genetics, Growing Supplies, Equipment
  • Open Session on Nebraska Challenges – Processing, CBD Check off

$25 fee includes a light breakfast and boxed lunch. 

Growers are encouraged to bring unknown plant and insect samples for diagnosis. Please place samples in sealed bags as courtesy to our host farm. This is a working farm and standard hazards do exist. By registering for this tour you’re accepting personnel liability. Unauthorized video and pictures are strictly prohibited.

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