LolliHops are infused with real hops. The candy is made the old-fashioned way, carefully crafted at a stove and hand-poured. They are 1.5″ round on a 4.5″ paper stick, wrapped in a crisp sleeve and tied with a silver twist tie. Lollipops aren’t just for kids anymore, although a kid or two has been known to love our LolliHops. There’s no alcohol in them – just hops. They have a touch of hoppy bitterness that leaves you with a delicious lingering flavor like you just finished a great IPA.
LolliHops flavors: Honey Hefe, Hopped Cider, Lemon Shandy

Purchase individually or in two prepackaged gift sets that come ready to gift…

Pillow Pak – Which has 8 assorted gourmet hand-poured hop candy lollipops ($12.00)


LolliHops Gift Set – Which has 12 assorted gourmet hand-poured hop candy lollipops ($18.00)

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Blood Orange, Chili Lime, Honey Hefe, Hopped Cider, Irish Stout, Jasmine, Lemon Shandy, Mango, Original, Passion Fruit, Peach Lavender, Pumpkin Peach, Individual, Pillow Pack, LolliHops Gift Set